Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been minding my own business for years.

Picture of Joe Morris standing in front of a projector screen. Screen says 'Getting to Grips with Social Media'
Late evening training talk from a few years back. Wired on coffee.

I qualified in Business Enterprise back in the last century and have had various roles over the years in sales, coaching, marketing to setting up and running a business with my wife.

We divide duties easily, she does the exciting stuff, I do all the boring bits!

This is my public profile page for anyone interested in, or thinking of setting up their own Lifestyle Business. It may be something which you feel you have always wanted to do, or perhaps you have a picture in your head of how you want your life to be, if only you could…. (insert reason here!)

So, if you are in a role you aren’t passionate about, and want to make a change that puts you at the front and centre of your own life, then this site can help you.

Perhaps you have retired, or are close to retirement, and feel that you still have so many things you want to do, then this site can help you.

Or maybe you did have a business that you loved, but now… you are finding it all over – or underwhelming and you wonder why you wanted to start it in the first place. There are ways you can fall in love with your current business again, this site can help you.

It’s INTERESTING choosing to run your business to support your lifestyle. It is also quite difficult to explain to people who don’t ‘get it’.

“Why do you insist on doing the repairs around the place yourself?”
“Because I can. So there! Also, ouch!”

This site is the culmination of years of experience and training running businesses; and being asked for help over the years from people. These are either people thinking of setting up their own business, or already in the middle of running their business and in need of immediate assistance.

What is here are the things which I feel are really necessary to nail, in order to be successful. Some are formal courses (online or otherwise), and some are challenges which you can take on my Facebook Page, others are a combination of both.

The information here is delivered in a light-hearted, and (hopefully) funny format as people usually remember the key learning points better that way!

Also – if you are NOT HAVING FUN at least in your lifestyle business – you are doing it wrong!

You can get to things on this site in two main ways through the MENU on the top right (Three Dots …).

Discovering, Creating and Surviving/Thriving in your Lifestyle business contain all the content relating to each stage. So, if you can easily identify where you are at currently, just dive in there and take a look.

Helping you help yourself is essentially self guided steps to help you wherever you are on your journey. (Ack- that sounds so corny!) The idea of the self guides steps is that someone should be able to talk themselves through each stage without needing direct one to one help. Some of this may be free content, others paid courses or materials which won’t be too expensive. I know how when you are starting out – or thinking of starting out, that every cent must count. However, at times it is worth paying to avoid making a costly mistake.

The section on Let me help you, is if you want me to help you specifically, on a one on one basis. I usually have a call with someone first, to see if we would be a good fit to work together. If so, then we can take it further.

Lastly, reading lists. If there is ONE THING to take away from these paragraphs you have just read – is this: Read. Read widely. Read around your subject, read outside your subject, read, read, read. The one key thing you have going for you as a Lifestyle business owner – is yourself.

Improving yourself is the best investment you can make.

Enjoy browsing around, and if you want to get in touch with me, you can do so here.

Thank you,

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