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Articles written by me. Some on very important and necessary items, some on not so important things. Others, on things that are important to me, but, in the bigger scheme of things…

Books by myself, or others which I personally can recommend or have been highly recommended by others whose opinion I would trust.


Sometimes you want an -in between phase. You may have a book, course, or series of steps, but it is good to have a set timeline, steps, with help and support to do it. Challenges will be run from time to time to help you, whether you are at the Discovering, Creating or Surviving stage.


Courses relevant to Discovering, Creating and Surviving your Lifestyle business. Some created by yours truly, others by people smarter than me. If you have a course you think would fit nicely, give me a shout.


Video Logs. Sometimes people prefer to see things in video. That’s cool. Often a picture can tell a thousand words. Some will be linked directly here, others will be refreshes from social media.


A workshop is a more intense version of a challenge and it is a great chance to acid test if something is for you; or to thrash out the next step of a plan.