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Keeping things balanced is not easy

One of the key things which I have discovered, is that often there is a ‘picture’ in your head of what ‘it’ might be.

That ‘it’ can be a person, a thing, a lifestyle, an outcome – anything.

One of the key paths to dissatisfaction and discouragement is trying to make reality fit that picture.

A lot of the times, if we can take a step back, and take a moment, many things will naturally fall into place – but perhaps not as we wish them to be.

Hence, the symbol of the balancing rocks. The ones above are particularly aesthetic and been stacked by an artist to get an image. Look closely at the right side of the photo, and the three big rocks are requiring support from three more to the right. Then, the smaller ones balance freely.

So, it is not a true rock balance, where it is a single stone on another, each pressing the other in place naturally due to gravity. Neither is it a concrete structure, built with purpose into a shape. Apart from the general idea of making a rock formation, the artist used what they had, and made the best of it.

And back in the room – in case you are wondering why on earth you are reading about a description of a photo – this image is exactly how we need to approach things if we want to have a lifestyle business.

We may be able to naturally take what we have, tweak it, and build a set of balancing stones, which we can work with. In reality, we will need to do what the artist above has done, and put some foundation work in first, which may look nothing like the end picture, to allow the desired result have a firm footing.

The Take away from this post is that we need to constantly take a step back, see what tools, opportunities and resources we have in front of us, and then let the outcome form around what we can achieve and deliver on with what we got – instead of working out how to bridge gaps (usually in funding) to manifest things the way they appear in their head.
Remember, the greater the number of things you need to ask or borrow for, the less the control and freedom you will ultimately have.

Baby steps, baby!